Work With the Experts When It Comes to Eliminating Bad Odors

Odor Expert

About Us

OdorExpert was established in 2007 by restaurant development and operations professionals. Our founders have more than 30 years of experience in managing, building, and maintaining hundreds of restaurants.

We understand that most restaurants get a certain “rotten egg” smell from time to time no matter how sanitary or well maintained the establishment is. This odor can turn off your clients and cause them to avoid the location, which will be devastating for any business.

The smell often comes from very specific places in restaurants and commercial buildings. It is usually caused by the vents that emit sewer gas to the roof of the establishment.

How We Started

Our founders started the company because of an event that occurred while they were preparing to open a brand new restaurant. They smelled one of the strongest odors they had ever encountered.

Once they checked the plumbing vent systems for leaks, they tried to remedy the situation by extending the roof vent stacks. This made the situation better but did not eliminate the odors completely.

With an opening approaching, they worried about the lingering smell, so they started to investigate the cause of the odor. Our founders then created a vent stack filter that got rid of the stench at the source.

After solving their restaurant’s odor problem, they decided to help others eliminate the funky smell that haunts various establishments. That is when our owners founded OdorExpert.

Our Approach

The technology we use in our filters to eliminate the odor is similar to the one used to manage unpleasant smells in the wastewater treatment industry. We figured that if it worked in masking the stench in sewage treatment plants, it would do wonders in a commercial building.

Our Customers

We have been working with facility managers, restaurant operators, and plumbers since 2007. You can be sure that our experts can solve your sewer, grease trap, restroom, and trash dumpster odor problems.

What We Offer

Our team can help you if you notice that your property smells like a rotten egg and don’t know why. This problem is probably caused by foul sewer vent odors that enter your return air circulation.

These smells can be harmful as they contain hydrogen sulfide, sulfur, and organic amines. Luckily, we offer chlorine dioxide-based sewer odor filters that will eliminate the stench from your establishment.

We also provide an easy-to-use diagnostic tool that can help you narrow down the source of the unpleasant smell. If you have any questions about finding the origin of the odor, you may call or email us.