4″ Media Replacement



Do you have terrible odors coming from manholes in your municipality? Eliminator® Odor Control Manhole Scrubbers solves the problem of manhole odors. It eliminates the gases and other organic compounds as air flows through the sewer line. Manhole odors can cause issues for homes and businesses.

First of all nearly all municipalities suffer with odor problems from manholes. The main culprit is hydrogen sulfide (H2S) but other odorous compounds are present as well. As a result bad sewer odors are created. The problem has not been easy. Treating flow is very expensive. Systems for treating air usually require electrical power and/or clean water. Sealing covers moves the problem down the line. As a result, odors move through the vents of neighboring homes and businesses. These complications are all solved with Eliminator® Odor Control Manhole Scrubbers.

Odor control manhole scrubbers provide generous venting through Pacifier H2S Converting/ Polishing Media. The media using a patented polymeric amine, formulated for maximum removal of H2S and volatile sulfur-containing compounds. Therefore, a combination of multiple organic properties allows for fast, efficient removal of these problematic compounds. This formula reacts with H2S and sulfur-containing compounds to form water-soluble and stable poly sulfides that are readily biodegradable. In simple words, gaseous H2S is turned into a stable liquid polymer.


ABS plastic not less than 3/32″ nor greater than 6/32.” Meet Federal Standards of L.P. 1183 and pass A.S.T.M. tests D 256, D 638, D 790, D 792, D 785 and D 648. Two factory installed 1” nylon lift straps for easy removal. Closed cell Neoprene rim gasket.


Red/Tan granules, -3, +5 Tylor Mesh impregnated with H2S Converting/Polishing Media wt.- /.50 lbs. /ft3 , on average. Loading recommendation – 1/2 ft3 to 1 ft3 per insert, depending on size.

Additional information

Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 12 × 6 in


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