OdorExpert Grease Trap Filter (with Media)


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Nearly all restaurants suffer odor problems related to their traps. This specific problem affecting the guest is becoming more of a problem with Life Style Centers on the increase. With this type of center the independent housekeeping areas for restaurants are being shared and many times causing the grease traps to be installed in customer entrance and sidewalk areas. The main culprit is hydrogen sulfide (H2S), but other malodorous compounds are present, as well.

OdorExpert Eliminator Grease Trap Inserts filter harmful and odorous gases using powerful chlorine dioxide technology, an extremely powerful oxidizing agent. Because chlorine dioxide reacts selectively and primarily with only the most offensive odor producing compounds (hydrogen sulfide, organic sulfurs, and organic amines) it will normally provide a much longer service life than products such as activated carbon and chlorine dioxide remains available and ready on demand. After your order is placed, an OdorExpert representative will contact you to assist in sizing your custom fitted insert. Media must be replaced approximately every 12 months.

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Weight 23 lbs

25", 30", 40"


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