OdorExpert Eliminator Spray



The most common technique for dealing with odors in bathroom and dumpster areas is to mask the odor through re-odorizing. This is commonly done with air freshener timed spray using a fragranced topical spray. This technique or process does not neutralize the odor but masks it, in most cases not effectively.

Odorexpert has solution to help with your odor issues. It goes to the source to counteract or neutralization of the odor problem. Our spray reacts with the odor to make it chemically change, so it is neutralized and its smell differently. Technically eliminating the odor. This process is an advanced chemistry of odor which incorporates the chemical reaction to bond with the bad odor molecules thus neutralizing them. The product is effective for both gaseous odors and liquids that have odors. Most importantly it is effective and safe to use for operators, equipment, and the environment.


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